Friday, January 13, 2012

Does The Large Pony Polo Shirt Take Designer Style to Far?

Big polo pony shirt is becoming worn by PGA and LPGA golfers alike. It appears Polo has made the decision to make use of expert golfers to start the avalanche of marketing to market the most recent from Polo lines of style. But I've to wonder, is this someone's ego trip or is it fashionable to have an oversized polo player in your left breast. I envision the suggestions for polo are dwindling ever because final years style debacle. This new trend may be a push tbackward towards the style that created Ralph well-known.

I for 1 am an enormous fan of large pony Polo shirt, but I nonetheless need to wonder why they made the decision to triple the size of their logo. It is marketing at it is very best and also the new insignia may be noticed from yards away. I've to inquire myself. Are they losing marketplace share? Are they not generating exactly the same quantity of sales they had been 10 years ago. It is with out a doubt whenever you put on Polo you not just make a style statement, it is also telling the globe you are able to afford this luxury item. Which has me questioning.

With millions of jobs becoming sent overseas and because the middle class drove Polo sales to new heights 10 years ago. Is Polo attempting to capture potential purchasers in their teen and early adult years. It could be difficult for me to envision a 50 year old sailor wearing the more than sized polo crest on his shirt. Following all, at 50 years old, who're you attempting to impress together with your style sense.

It only make sense to me Polo is attempting to capture a piece with the marketplace they've lost in current years. And to take back that piece of pie they're going with loud and proud. Will I put on the large pony polo shirt? Completely, I adore Polo. Will I spend the extravagant costs you are able to discover in the nearby department shops? Most likely not, I prefer to store on-line now and have my clothes delivered to me. Assists me conserve on power and keeps me from climbing into my gas guzzler.

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